sacha baron cohen 190107

sacha baron cohen 190107

British comedian SACHA BARON COHEN has won a lawsuit filed against him by a woman who unwittingly appeared in his hit movie BORAT: CULTURAL LEARNINGS OF AMERICA FOR MAKE BENEFIT GLORIOUS NATION OF KAZAKHSTAN.
Etiquette teacher Kathie Martin attempted to sue Cohen, Twentieth Century, One America Productions Inc., Everyman Pictures, Dune Entertainment, MTV Networks, Comedy Central, Dakota North Entertainment Inc. and Four by Two Production Co., claiming she was embarrassed and humiliated by her appearance in the movie.
The court was told how Martin featured in the movie presenting guests at a dinner party with a bag of human faeces after giving etiquette lessons to Cohen’s character Borat.
But Alabama Supreme Court ruled Martin cannot sue Cohen and the companies that produced the movie in the state because she signed an agreement stating only courts in New York could hear any disputes that arose from her appearance. (LJ/WNWA)

Sacha Baron Cohen
MTV Movie Awards 2007 at the Gibson Ampitheater – Pressroom
Los Angeles, California – 03.06.07
Credit: (Mandatory): Nikki Nelson / WENN

Potulný pisálek a nadšený japanofil. A nejlépe obojí dohromady.

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